4th of July Vendors

Become a food Vendor

We have several options to become a food vendor at Clearfield’s 4th of July event.

  • Food Vendor at the Paint the Bridge Event
  • Breakfast Food Vendor along the Parade Route
  • Food Truck at the 4th of July (Must coordinate with the Food Truck League)
  • Cotton Candy, Popcorn, or snow cone vendor booth

Any vendor wishing to sell beverages (soda, water, energy drinks, etc) must purchase their beverages through Clearfield City’s arrangement with Pepsi. Contact Brayden at (801) 564-8170 to arrange your beverage purchase. Please abide by this rule so we can continue to make the event an excellent one.

Paint the Bridge – June 25, 7:30 PM

We need 2 food truck vendors to sit on the top of Center Street Bridge. This event is a perfect family activity and is sure to attract 250-500 people. To get involved contact Trevor Cahoon at pr@clearfieldcity.org.

Breakfast Along the Parade Route

For years Clearfield has done a pancake breakfast. Well this year we want 4-6 breakfast vendors along the route to help feed the masses. We get about 10,000 parade spectators. Locations will be at City Hall, Kent’s Marketplace and near Fisher Park. Email Trevor Cahoon at pr@clearfieldcity.org to reserve your spot!

Festival at Fisher Park

For our main event we have partnered with the Food Truck League to help manage the food trucks at our event. To reserve your spot you will need to coordinate this through the League.

Cotton Candy, Popcorn, and Snacks

With the new layout and its space constraints, we are only able to accept three booth-type vendors this year. There is one 12’x12’ space available for each of the following:

  • One space for a popcorn/kettle corn vendor
  • One space available for a cotton candy vendor
  • Two spaces available for another snack-type vendor (roasted nuts, snow cone, etc.)