4th of July Vendors

Become a Food Vendor

We have several options to become a food vendor at Clearfield’s 4th of July event.

  • Food vendors at our bridge events
  • Food trucks at the 4th of July Freedom Festival
  • Additional vendor services for our centennial year

Any vendor wishing to sell beverages (soda, water, energy drinks, etc.) must purchase their beverages through Clearfield City’s arrangement with Pepsi. The contact for this is Darrin (385) 626-7338. Please abide by this rule so we can continue to make the event an excellent one.

Freedom Festival

Cotton Candy, Popcorn, and Snacks

This is our big 4th of July party at Fisher Park that includes games, giant inflatable toys, live musical entertainment, and the fireworks! Food vendors are lined down the sidewalk for this event. Last year the entire park was packed with people and we’re looking to make it even bigger this year for the centennial!

Glow Party on the Bridge

June 4, 9-10:30 P.M.

We’re trying some new things this year! Join us the night of June 4th for a glow-in-the-dark party on Center Street bridge!

Paint the Bridge

June 24th, 7-9 P.M.

This is our famous event that brings a bunch of families together for a fun evening of painting the Center Street bridge for the 4th of July!

Bubble Party on the Bridge

August 20th, 11 A.M. – 1 P.M.

Speaking of trying new things, this year we will also be hosting a foam party at the end of summer!

We are in need of food vendors to be at our events for our centennial year. Help us make Clearfield’s 100th-year events great!

Contact our vendor coordinator with questions or to submit an application.